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(The TOW-STER's US Patent is 8,016,313)

The TOW-STER's list price is just $595.

Shortly, some used TOW-STERs (from rentals, and folks who no longer have motorcycles), will become available for resale
at discounted prices.

So, if you're interested, we are now accepting
"get me in line" order requests.

Call us DIRECT:
+1 (940) 566-6789

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About The TOW-STER

E-mail: operations@Tow-ster.com

The TOW-STER was created to satisfy many motorcyclists'
anxiety about being stranded.
The possibility of running out of gas, having a flat front tire,
overheating, too-low fluid levels, etc. can make you
lay awake all night before a long ride.

Any teenager or adult can assemble and install a TOW-STER.
Then, you insert it into a standard, 2" trailer hitch*.
Finally, drive you and your bike home, or to the shop.

We started development with quite a few key objectives:
Make it strong.
Make it lightweight.
Make it easy to ship.
Make it simple to use.
Make it usable with as many motorcycles as possible.
Keep it low-cost.

*: Please click to read about Tongue Weight requirements.

Tow-ster Version 2.0 now available:
The First Tow-ster Release - Version 1.0 - circa 2008
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